Gender Policy Researcher Directory

The Gender Policy Network invites feminist researchers in the field of gender and public policy – including those based in universities, civil society organizations, research institutes and government and those working independently – to join the Gender Policy Researcher Directory.

The Directory is intended to raise the profile of feminist policy research and to promote exchanges of knowledge and experience among researchers and between researchers and grassroots feminist activists. The Directory will support a Canada-wide Gender Policy Network.

Information in the researcher directory is public and searchable by any interested reader.


Researchers listed in the Directory share a commitment to feminist goals of gender equality and broad social equality in a society free from racism and all forms of discrimination, including discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, physical or mental ability, or gender identity. Operating under a broad umbrella of feminist values, this curated Directory includes research reflecting divergent feminist approaches and methodologies.

The research listed covers a broad range of orientations from the more theoretical to the very immediate and practical, such as submissions by feminist advocacy organizations to government and international bodies.

Interested in participating?

All feminist researchers who share the values and assumptions of the Directory are encouraged to join. The process is this:

  • interested researchers submit a request via the Request a directory listing form;
  • when the request is accepted, the researcher is sent a link and instructions for registering and creating a listing.

The Directory allows researchers to update and alter their own listings. It is the responsibility of the researcher and not the directory team to maintain individual listings.

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